An Cosán - Counselling

An Cosán , What does it mean?
An Cosán means “the path” …. the path to what…..the path to success!

When we walk a path sometimes we stumble. When we stumble, we may need a little help to get up and go again. At An Cosán we have a wonderful group of people who help us to do this and get on the path again – they are our Counsellors and Psychotherapists. We are all fully qualified and accredited with The Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (I.A.C.P) and have a wealth of experience in all types of counselling.

We are a caring, non-judgemental group of men and women who listen when people need to talk something through. People wonder how Counselling can help – well sometimes all we need is to talk about a problem but if there is something in our past that is stopping us moving forward with our life, we may need some more long term counselling support – this means ‘change at depth’. It’s like the horse falling at the hurdle, we all face hurdles in our lives and sometimes we need a little support to get over the hurdle and move forward. Our service is strictly confidential; it’s a safe place where we can talk over whatever is holding you back.

We offer Counselling to participants of An Cosán, those living in the community of Tallaght and wherever possible beyond this. If you feel you have a hurdle in your life that is stopping you living the life you want, why not come and talk to someone who cares.

My name is Liz Whelan and I am the Counselling Co-ordinator at An Cosán. I can be reached at An Cosán on 01- 4628488 or alternatively you can leave a message on this mobile number,
086 8471143 and I will call you back